Rev. Michael Schmidt defends church musicians, responds to Cornerstone Church Ricardo Sanchez’s tweet.

“Ricardo Sanchez
8 hrs ·
Worship Teams, when you start calling the House of God “the place where you GIG” you’ve just revealed more about your future than you could possibly know. @sacornerstone Sunday Night, join us and feel the Difference.”
Re: Church musicians are not at a gig, It is very rude and disrespectful to assume that we are, or that we call what we do a gig. To be a gig the musicians have to actually get PAID. A GIG is an event where a musician plays at a JOB and then gets PAID! Our churches do not pay their musicians (exception pianist, organist, music director, etc.), usually not even one cent…but they pay their church staff members like Ricardo Sanchez , the ones who are often trashing the musicians who spend thousands of dollars just for the chance to worship, as in to play for free. So please, stop trashing your church musicians and be thankful that they even show up. Would your pastor show up each week for free?
Ricardo Sanchez “recently joined Pastor John Hagee at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Tx., as the minister of music”. Re: So Ricardo, do you enjoy trashing all of us humble church musicians who play for FREE at our churches each week? Do you know our hearts, and why we make the sacrifices that we do to minister via our musical talents? What is your salary sir at Cornerstone? 100 K ? Who are you sir to say that we play at church because it is a gig ( even though unlike you sir most of us are UNPAID , performing as church musicians each week for FREE) . We pay for our gas to and from church , to practices. We pay for our guitar strings, instrument upkeep and repairs. We have earned our right to play in public. And while we are at it, back to my original thought sir, who do you think that you are Mr. Ricardo Sanchez to talk about my future?
My family and I have worked our tails off and sacrificed beyond words so that I can have a future serving God faithfully in the ministry. And by the way, did I mention that I do all of this as a musician, minister, and pastoral counselor with muscular dystrophy? Might I suggest sir that you clean up your own motes in your own eyes before you throw any stones at all of the faithful church musicians who give their talents to the Lord each week at their churches for FREE. God bless. – Mikey

Rev. Michael Schmidt of the Trumpet of the Lord Ministry will play Silent Night on the trumpet.

Rev. Michael Schmidt of the Trumpet of the Lord Ministry will play Silent Night on the trumpet at 11:00 a.m. December 14th, 2014 at Hills Crossing Baptist Church
3569 Toccoa Hwy Clarkesville, GA (706) 754-6206 Rev. Walter Singletary Senior Pastor.
Michael Schmidt is best known as a trumpet player for the late Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell at Thomas Road Baptist Church in the Old Time Gospel Hour Orchestra. Michael is a former soloist in the Liberty University Spirit Of The Mountain Marching Band where he won two awards. Rev. Michael Schmidt holds three graduate degrees from Liberty University where he won an award in academic excellence in 1996.
Rev.. Schmidt is the former soloist with the Liberty University Spirit of the Mountain Marching Band and the Florida Bible College Brass Ensemble. Michael is a member of the Mountain Park First Baptist Church Orchestra under the direction of Rev. Josh Sutton, and the Etowah Town Band under the direction of Rev. Ray Calfee.
Last Sunday Michael Schmidt had the honor of playing the trumpet for four-time Grammy Award nominee, seven-time Dove Award winner Steve Green. Rev. Michael Schmidt has also played the trumpet for Michael Tait and Squire Parsons.